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End Point Assessor in Network Engineer L4

Company : The Education and Care Qualifications Network
Location : North,Midland,South
Location Postal Code : FY2 0HJ
End Date : 30/12/2019


Key Roles and Responsibilities To assess and document apprentice competence against Apprenticeship Standards when requested by the End- point Assessment team. Measures: • Carry out and document End- point Assessments in line with ECQN and regulatory arrangements; o Arrive at the site at least 45 minutes prior to the End-point Assessment o Stay at the site for the duration of the End-point Assessment o Mark all components of the End-point Assessments, in line with grading criteria • Record and submit concise End-point Assessor feedback to the End-point Assessment team, explaining assessment decisions in line with the grading criteria • Effectively communicate details of local knowledge to the End-point Assessment team and the Lead Independent End- point Assessor • Complete and submit all reports within 3 working days of the activity Advice and support: Provide advice and support on End- point Assessment sites and to the End- point Assessment team. Measures: • Provide advice on potential improvements to processes and systems to the End-point Assessment team • Provide advice to the End-point Assessment team on specific End-point Assessment queries, when requested • Report any suspected End-point Assessment malpractice issues to ECQN immediately, in line with the malpractice policy • Respond to ‘phone calls and emails within 2 working days Standardisation: Participate in standardisation activities Measures: • Attend and participate in standardisation and training activities to ensure a consistent approach to End- point Assessment • Maintain and document CPD records; to be submitted on request • Ensure any personal action/ improvement plans are achieved, within agreed timescales and to required standards Experience and Skills: Must be Qualified End Point Assessor Must have experience in end point assessing learners on the Network Engineer L4 Standard.
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Sectors & Standards

*Cyber intrusion analyst
*Cyber security technical professional (integrated degree)
*Cyber security technologist
*Data analyst
*Data scientist (integrated degree)
*Digital and technology solutions professional (integrated degree)
*Digital and technology solutions specialist (integrated degree)
*Digital community manager
*Digital support technician
*Infrastructure technician
*IS Business Analyst
*IT solutions technician
*Network cable installer
*Network engineer
*Software developer
*Software development technician
*Software tester
*Unified communications technician
*Unified communications trouble shooter