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End-Point Assessor in Improvement Technician

Company : Highfield Assessment
Location : North,Midland,South
Location Postal Code : DN4 5NU
End Date : 30/12/2019


Essential Qualifications and Experience: Have excellent knowledge and understanding of the Improvement Technician (Level 3) Apprenticeship Standard and assessment plan. Be qualified at level 5 or above in an improvement discipline (Lean, Six Sigma, etc.) and have 2 years’ recent (i.e. last 5 years) experience working in improvement or be approved by Highfield Assessment as meeting this requirement through demonstrable knowledge and experience and currently working in the improvement sector. Experience of working with quality assurance processes and complying with regulatory requirements. Expertise to administer and use the assessment tools required in the assessment plan. Essential Skills and Abilities: The assessor must be someone who has nothing to gain from the outcome of the assessment and must not have been involved in the training and/or line management of the apprentice. Evidence of regularly updated continuing professional development (CPD) to demonstrate practical experience and updated occupational expertise. This will cover updated knowledge and skills, changes to legislation and consider the latest developments in the sector. Excellent understanding of the standard(s) for the new apprenticeship frameworks, including specific knowledge in the industry area for the standard. Understanding of regulators’ requirements: Ofqual, SFA, industry bodies. Practise standardised assessment principles as set out by Highfield. Competent in carrying out the assessments specified and grading the apprenticeship in line with the requirements set out in the assessment plan. Experience of producing clear, accurate and concise written reports in a number of formats, giving both results and constructive feedback and support. IT proficient, including the use of web conferencing software. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Excellent organisational skills; ability to effectively prioritise. Able to work independently but also lead a team, if required. Desirable: Flexibility to travel across the UK. Willingness to agree to overnight stays away from home, if required. Hold a recognised current workplace assessment qualification. Hold an IQA assessor award.
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Sectors & Standards

*Accident Repair Technician
*Aerospace engineer (degree)
*Aerospace software development engineer (degree)
*Aircraft maintenance certifying engineer
*Autocare technician
*Automation & controls engineering technician
*Automotive glazing technician
*Aviation maintenance mechanic (military)
*Bicycle mechanic
*Bus and coach engineering technician
*Business administrator
*Commercial catering equipment technician
*Community Energy Specialist
*Composites Technician
*Control / technical support engineer (degree)
*Drinks dispense technician
*Electrical / electronic technical support engineer (degree)
*Electrical Power Networks Engineer
*Electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineer
*Electronic systems principal engineer
*Embedded electronic systems design and development engineer (degree)
*Employability practitioner
*Engineering design and draughtsperson
*Engineering fitter
*Engineering operative
*Engineering Technician
*Food and drink advanced engineer (degree)
*Food and drink engineer
*Food and drink maintenance engineer
*Gas network craftsperson
*Gas network team leader
*Heritage engineering technician
*High Speed Rail & Infrastructure Technician
*HR Support
*Leisure & Entertainment Engineering Technician
*Leisure duty manager
*Library, information & archive services assistant
*Lift and escalator electromechanic
*Maintenance and operations engineering technician
*Manufacturing engineer (degree)
*Manufacturing manager (degree)
*Marine Engineer
*Marine surveyor
*Marine technical superintendent (degree)
*Maritime electrical / mechanical mechanic
*Materials process engineer (degree)
*Materials science technologist
*Metal casting, foundry & patternmaking technician
*Metal fabricator
*Mineral products technician
*Motor vehicle service and maintenance technician (light vehicle)
*Motorcycle technician (repair and maintenance)
*Multi-positional welder (arc processes)
*Non-destructive testing (NDT) operator
*Non-destructive testing engineer (degree)
*Non-destructive testing engineering technician
*Nuclear health physics monitor
*Nuclear Operative
*Nuclear scientist and nuclear engineer (degree)
*Nuclear Technician
*Nuclear welding inspection technician
*Policy Officer
*Post graduate engineer
*Power engineer (degree)
*Power network craftsperson
*Process automation engineer (degree)
*Public sector compliance / investigator officer
*Public service operational delivery officer
*Rail & rail systems engineer
*Rail & rail systems principal engineer (degree)
*Rail & rail systems senior engineer (degree)
*Rail engineering advanced technician
*Rail engineering operative
*Rail engineering technician
*Refrigeration air conditioning and heat pump engineering technician
*Regulatory Compliance Officer
*Revenues and welfare benefits practitioner
*Risk and safety management professional (degree)
*Road transport engineering manager
*Science industry maintenance technician
*Science industry process/plant engineer (degree)
*Systems engineer (degree)
*Through life engineering services specialist (degree)
*Utilities engineering technician
*Water process technician